Tuesday, January 5, 2010

all of "Developing a Conncentration" worksheet one

Artist: Elena Kalis


1. Subject matter: Children, props, bright colors, under water.
Compostion: simple (just the subjects and props)

2. Space in this artist's work is usually rather shallow, there's never really anything in the background to see. So everything is in focus, the background is just the white walls of the pool (in Alice in Waterland).

3. All the pieces I have seen from this artist are photos.

4. Of all the photos on the website the common denominator is the "underwater" element and children. The way the water makes hair, clothing, and when the kids breathe out the bubbles they make add to the beauty of the photos.

5. If I had to guess which picture they took first I would guess that it'd be the pictures in the album "H201" because they look experimental, they are all face shots and there are no props. The last photos to be taken I guess are the Alice in Waterland, mostly all those photos are full body shots, the eyes of the subjects are usually open and props are used. Plus that whole set tells a story where as I feel like the other ones are just several shots that relate put into the album.

6. Yes, there is evidence of growth. As I described in the last question the "Alice in Waterland" album tells a story, and the other two seem like random shots that relate that were out together.

7. The artists concentration is "Underwater".

Concentration Ideas

-"How the World Broke My Heart"
-"Luggage Limitations"
-"Taro Cards"
-"Never Ending"

Question 4 "Developing a Concentration" worksheet 2

List any other art techniques and/or media that you feel comfortable with.

Though I am not good at the math of how to center the word on the page, this is something I enjoy. I like how the end result looks and that there is no expectation for it to look perfect. The little imperfections is what makes it printmaking. I like that I can use the wintergreen markers and do a xerox transer on the finished product, which brings me to....

2.Xerox transfers
I like this technique because it reminds me of those old timey black and white photos. Ones that would feature criminals, couples, landscapes etc.

With this I can put things together that don't relate and make them relate. I can use pieces that are mine and collaborate with other people pieces as well, whether it's on paper or done on the compter.

I have only experimented with ink once, but it worked out nicely. I dipped a brush in the ink and "painted" with it on a paper. I started making wispy lines, and ended up making a tree. It was beautiful, but I have yet to finish making whatever I am making. I don't know what else to try to finish it with out making the tree look awful.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

National Portfolio Day Reaction

The feedback that the representatives gave me was useful.

While most of the advice was about ony going to community college for a short time if I would like to go to an art school, the rest consisted of:

asking myself why I take photographs
the angles in my photos are good, but would be better if pushed further
that there should be a vocal point that links all my photos together
more put together photos
the portfolio should illustrate me
the strongest images should go in the back
the weaker of the strong should go in front

there's more that they said but currently I need to sleep on it and refresh the experience in my head.

Monday, August 31, 2009

"What Remains"

The first time I ever saw "What Remains" Sally Mann freaked me out BIG time, although the second time around I noticed things I hadn't before. Things like the horse with a mask on and when she was talking to her daughter about doing another show of the children her daughter seemed a little uncomfortable.

This time around I also found it interesting that because the escapee died on her property her whole theme of taking photos and view on life/death itself changed. She got so interested in death that she contacted a local testing area of decomposing bodies and recieved permission to take photos...(that's dedicated right there).

Sally Mann is just different, she is a different thinker and therefore unique.
and oddly enough if not for her the images she has taken would be non existent and not be there to provoke the questions that they have.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirts

I remember when we painted both sides of the screen, it didn't work out well. This looks super simple and easy to do. Those boys with their howling red eyed wolf shirts are super cute. It'd be neat if we could do something like that. The actual screening process though looks do able and I am super excited to do it in class.

Short Letterpress Documentary (Wonderful)

That letter press is scary, he almost got his hand cut off when putting that paper in there.

It's interesting how there are examples of text that is multicolored, I wonder how they did that, cause they put all the ink on thatt big circle then it gets spread around by that roller so how do you differ which letters get one color and which letters get another.